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Q: We run an eco-friendly business and were wondering if we could add your brand or products in the "Suggestions" page of our website. Would you be happy for us to do that?

A: Thank so much, that would be really exciting! Please feel free to email hello@cicia.co.uk and/or tag @cicia_shop on Instagram, so that we can reciprocate on social media. :)



Q: What size is best for confetti? Not sure which size to go for.

A: The most popular sizes for confetti are:

  • 68mm x 97mm
  • 92mm x 92mm
  • 92mm x 108mm
  • 89mm x 117mm


Q: How can I choose the best glassine size for my intended purpose?

A: You can order samples to test. Alternatively, you can take a sheet of paper, draw two rectangles in the desired size, cut and tape them together to see if you're happy with it. It should give you an idea of the capacity of the envelopes. 


Q: What size would be best for snacks (pretzels single serves) to hand at our event?

A: 89mm x 117mm or 92mm x 108mm would work fine. If unsure, you can order samples to test before processing the final order.


Q: Do the dimensions include the flap bit?

A: They don't include the flap, but reflect the size of the envelope once sealed.


Q: How should I recycle these?

A: They can be recycled with paper or mixed dry recycling.


Q: What dimensions would you recommend for packaging photo cards for K-Pop sales/trades?

A: The best thing to do would be measuring the photo cards and picking envelopes that are big enough to accommodate them. You can order samples to test.



Q: Are they food safe?

A: Both options are available. If you do not see your desired size in a food safe option, please email hello@cicia.co.uk and we'll source them for you!


Q: Are your eco cello envelopes compatible with heat sealing?

A: We would not recommend them for heat sealing.