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Felicia (Cicia) - she/her

Since I can remember, I have always got lost in day dreaming, making things and playing with colours. My love for sewing started during my childhood, when I used to make extravagant clothes for my Barbie dolls, using Mum's felt scraps left after making Carnival costumes.

I bought my first sewing machine many years later, in 2010, with no idea how to use. I was just stress shopping at night, under pressure while writing my final dissertation for on Indian Cinema on a really tight deadline. Some people buy clothes or shoes, but as a geek I tend to buy machinery, books or art supplies.

As I have always had a peculiar taste for challenges, my very first bag was ROUND and, of course, it looked terrible. Why would I learn how to sew without starting with a straight stitch? Isn't that crazy? I wish I still had it. It was so bad it would make a terrific Instagram post.

My sewing has been a bit on and off, depending on moves across countries, life circumstances and time available. I ultimately moved to London in 2012, with only a suitcase of clothes and a 30kg box of fabrics sent via UPS. As you might guess, they are now much more!

I know that launches should be announced and expectations created, but every time I tried life happened. This time I kept my mouth shut, my fingers crossed and my foot on the pedal, launching my Etsy shop in June 2020. 14 months later, it has just hit 3000 sales... and here I am with a brand new website!