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Can You Believe We Ever Used Plastic Parcel Tape?

If you're looking for Christmas wrapping, tape and ribbons, it's really likely you come across a lot of not recyclable options. That's why it's so important to make your choices on time and look at sustainable alternatives.

Traditional plastic adhesive tapes are not recyclable. These plastic tapes can contain PVC or polypropylene, which on their own could be recycled with other plastic films, but are too thin and small to be separated and processed as tape.

Here at CICIA IN THE SKY we have the perfect complement to your plastic free packaging: our 100% plastic free parcel tape.  

⭐ Compostable
⭐ Biodegradable
⭐ Recyclable
This is what we use here at CICIA IN THE SKY and our customers love it too! Our tape is durable, versatile and approved by all postal services.

⭐ 50m roll
⭐ 19mm, 24mm or 48mm width
🌳 You can find our eco-friendly adhesive tapes at cicia.etsy.com & cicia.co.uk. Very limited stock available.